Leverage your company’s current and long assets to meet financing needs for:

  • Funding working capital growth due to increasing revenues
  • Expanding operations or investing in capital expenditures
  • Restructuring and refinancing
  • Mergers and acquisitions


Because asset-based loans are tied to the value of receivables, inventory and fixed assets, asset-based transactions can be structured with less restrictive covenant packages than traditional commercial loans. This makes asset-based financing attractive to companies with volatile earnings, seasonality, cyclicality or generally thin margins, or those seeking greater control over borrowed capital.


As one of the nation’s leading asset-based finance providers, we offer expertise, competitive pricing and a breadth of options:

  • Revolving credit facilities
  • Fixed or floating rate term loans
  • Syndicated loans in conjunction with our dedicated asset-based finance Capital Markets team
  • “Hybrid” asset-based capital structures combined with cash flow term loans that allow companies to borrow beyond the value of collateralized assets
  • Creative structures that include options like First in Last out (FILO) loans that “stretch” the collateral value
  • Prime and LIBOR interest rate options


Work with an experience Business Capital Specialist who will: