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Citizens Helping
Citizens Manage Money: Strength in Numbers

Well-informed citizens are the backbone of our community.

Working with local nonprofits, we've been helping the community develop healthy financial habits for years. In 2014, we are continuing that commitment by educating adults and children alike on how to manage money.

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Giving Citizens the Tools for Financial Success

This year, more than 100,000 people will learn money management skills to help reach their financial goals. It’s part of our community outreach with local nonprofits.

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Girls Scouts


of Girl Scouts

Empowered to Believe They Can Change the World.

RBI League Image


Students at Play

Fusing baseball and financial basics for the Phillies Junior RBI League. More...

Financial Tips for Spring

Home Buyer Help: Budget Before You Shop

Before you start looking for a home, know how much you can afford to spend. That will help you focus on homes in your price range. Your income and current monthly debt payments are the main factors in setting your housing budget.

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Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts

Since 2011, Citizens Bank has supported Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts in the FaB Factor program. Nearly 2,600 girls from underserved communities participate each year, exploring career options while building their leadership and self-sufficiency. This early intervention series focuses on navigating obstacles like poverty, low self-esteem and lack of opportunities.

Citizens Bank leads the financial literacy component of FaB Factor, helping girls develop the money management skills they need to achieve their dreams.

So far, FaB Factor has been a resounding success. A recent review found that 83% of girls who participated felt empowered to make a difference in the world.

Girl Scouts

For these Girl Scouts, money skills are a critical but
fun part of youth development programs.

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Phillies Junior RBI League

For over a decade, we've supported the Phillies Jr. RBI League to help inner-city kids play baseball and display good sportsmanship. In 2013, Citizens Bank hosted 100 of these youngsters at Citizens Bank Park to weave important life lessons into recreation. Students got a tour of the ballpark and enjoyed a Phillies game, but they also took part in a valuable financial literacy lesson.

Citizens Bank volunteers lead the kids in an interactive 40-minute workshop. For participating, all were rewarded with a piggy bank and financial literacy certificate. Plus, each child received a $10 food voucher to teach money management in a real-life setting.

The event is part of the Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money program, where Citizens Bank employees teach consumers the basics of managing money, saving money and providing the tools necessary to be fiscally healthy.

RIP Kids

Teaching money lessons during a day of ballpark fun helped engage our audience.



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