Citizens Bank Private Bank and Trust (formerly Wealth Management Group) is now partnering with the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation to administer a number of its scholarship funds. Citizens has chosen this partnership because of the Foundation’s more than 25 years experience with scholarship administration.
The Foundation will be selecting recipients for the following scholarships:

Additon (CSS Number: 0251)
  • Only employees and former employees of Citizens Bank NH, First NH Bank, N.A. of Manchester (formerly Merchants National Bank of Manchester) and New Dartmouth Savings Bank of Manchester (formerly Merchants Savings Bank of Manchester) and their issue are eligible to apply.
  • Employees or former employees of any parent holding company, or any subsidiary corporations to the holding company or any affiliate are not eligible unless those employees had at one time been employees of either of the above two banking companies.
  • Undergraduates only – no Master’s Students.
Waldo and Alice Ayer Music Scholarship (CSS Number: 0166)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of the late Waldo and Alice Ayer.
  • Available to persons who are seeking to become professional musicians or music teachers, to pursue studies at an institution offering courses of college or university grade.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ayer directed that preference be given to female students.
Russell T. and Olive V. Bartlett Scholarship (CSS Number: 0165)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of Mr. Russell T. Bartlett and Mrs. Olive V. Bartlett.
  • Available to male or female students attending either undergraduate or graduate programs at Dartmouth College who:
    • legally reside in Haverhill, Bath or Benton New Hampshire for at least two prior years; or a graduate of a four-year course in a high school in Haverhill or Bath, or a graduate of a secondary school other than Haverhill or Bath, provided that the student has legally resided in respective towns for at least four years prior to requesting assistance.
Janice T. Berry Nursing Scholarship (CSS Number: 0177)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of Janice T. Berry late of Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Available to any Manchester, New Hampshire student wishing to pursue an education toward a nursing career.
Phyllis F. Hazen Scholarship (CSS Number: 0303)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of the late Phyllis F. Hazen of Manchester, New Hampshire.
  • Available to students who are graduates from high schools located in Manchester, New Hampshire who wish to pursue an education at an accredited college and/or university.
Henry C. Lord Scholarship Fund (CSS Number: 0661)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of the late Henry C. Lord of Peterborough, New Hampshire.
  • Available to Undergraduates or Grad Students residing in Antrim, Bennington, Dublin, Francestown, Greenfield, Hancock, Harrisville, Jaffrey, Lyndeborough, Peterborough, Rindge, Sharon or Temple, New Hampshire.
  • First time applicants must be under 25 years of age.
Edward Wagner and George Hosser Scholarship Fund (CSS Number: 0667)
  • Established under the will of Mrs. Ottilie Wagner Hosser of Manchester, NH. Its purpose is to assist needy young men to secure a college education.
  • Preference is given to Manchester, New Hampshire residents who have graduated from Manchester high schools and are pursuing an undergraduate program.
  • First time applicants must be under 25 years of age.
The Elwin L. Cilley Scholarship Fund (CSS Number: 0258)
  • This fund was established through the generosity of Mr. Elwin L. Cilley.
  • Preference be given to a boy or girl who has been a resident of Nottingham, New Hampshire for a period of at least five (5) years, the scholarship will pay for the educational and other expenses at any accredited college or university.
  • Awards are made for one year at a time.
Rocco D. LaPenta Scholarship Fund (CSS Number: 0664)
  • Rocco D. LaPenta of Walpole, New Hampshire funded this Trust to provide for tuition incurred by eligible students in the study of medicine.
  • It was Mr. LaPenta’s intent that grants shall be made based upon the merit of the applicant as shown by his or her academic aptitude, achievement and willingness to contribute to others or to the community.
  • Candidates must be postgraduate medical students.
  • Candidates must have attended secondary schools for at least three years in the states of New Hampshire, Massachusetts or Connecticut. Preference is given to candidates from New Hampshire.

Important Deadlines!


Students need only apply ONCE using the online application to be considered for ALL of the Citizens scholarships as well as other resources available through the Foundation.

Any questions about the scholarship funds may be directed to the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation Student Aid Office at 603 225-6641.

No paper applications will be accepted by the bank or the foundation.

How to Apply:

These scholarships will participate with other funds in sharing the online application hosted by the New Hampshire Charitable Fund at their website: Look for Grants and Scholarships, select Students, and look for the application titled “Statewide Student Aid Program”. Please use that application for any of the Citizens scholarships administered by the New Hampshire Charitable Fund.

Click here to link to the online application