How are you going to tackle a new semester in your life?

Student Money Bundle

Good students deserve to get a little help from their friends.

That’s why the Student Money Bundle brings you Money AppsSM - features that combine great student bank account perks like exclusive discounts, cash back rewards and protection from the unexpected. Plus, you can take advantage of money management tools like mobile and email alerts, online banking and bill pay, instant money transfers and a debit card for access to cash and everyday purchases.

Exclusive student Money Apps:

  • Money Saving Discounts
    Save money (over $500 a year) on all the things students love to buy – food, books, electronics and entertainment.
  • Gadget Protection
    Cell phones are an everyday part of campus life. If your phone is damaged or stolen, Gadget Protection gives you one less thing to worry about.
  • Green$ense
    Go green with your student account. Paying without paper will earn you 10 cents a pop – as much as $120 a year, just for helping the environment.

For just $3.99 a month, that’s less than a popcorn at the movies.

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Save it where you spend it:

You saved this month —

$4 on sandwiches (x3) $12
$7 on books $7
$4 on movie tickets (x4) $16
$10 with Green$ense $10
Total: $45.00

You spent this month — $3.99


Attention, Parents!

Find out how you can help your student with banking, and learn more about the features
and benefits of our Private Student Loan.

Interested in a savings account?

Learn more about our Green Savings with GoalTrack SavingsSM.

MoneyHelp™ for Students

Get answers to your questions and access tools to help you better manage your life and your student bank accounts day to day.

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Open a student bundle account now.

In a few easy steps we’ll get you signed up for a checking account that’s been specifically designed to meet all the demands of student life.

If you are over the age of 18, open online now.

Make sure to include the following:

  • Enter your home address for “Current Address” field
  • Enter your campus or local address for “Mailing Address” field

If you are under the age of 18, enroll at a branch location near you with a parent or guardian.

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