Student Loan Forbearance

Here's one path to receiving student loan help when you need it the most

In the context of student loans, the word forbearance means a temporary postponement of or reduction in payments for a certain period, due to the borrower's financial difficulties. It is not to be confused with college loan forgiveness because you still have to pay your remaining loan balance and are simply delaying it. Some borrowers receive loan forbearance after unsuccessfully seeking a deferment.

Unlike the case with deferments, student loan forbearance means interest will continue to accrue on your loans, whether they are subsidized or unsubsidized. As the borrower, you're still responsible for paying that interest, even when you've been granted a forbearance.

What student loan forbearance means to you

Forbearance for federal loans—which is typically granted in one-year intervals, for up to a total of three years—can give the borrower needed student loan help to avoid delinquency or default. To qualify, you must apply to your loan servicer and continue to make payments until you've been formally notified that your request for forbearance has been granted. During the period of loan forbearance, you will continue to receive quarterly statements that outline the interest that has accumulated on your loan. If you do not pay that interest, it will be added to your loan's outstanding principal amount.

Do you qualify for mandatory student loan forbearance?

There are certain circumstances in which lenders are mandated to grant you forbearance of your student loans. They include:

  • If you're in a medical or dental internship or residency
  • If your student loan payments represent 20% or more of your monthly income
  • If your student loan payments are being made by the Department of Defense

Find flexible student loan help from Citizens Bank

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