Student Loans: An Investment in Education

View your education as an investment in your future

An education is an investment in your future earning power. And the return on your education investment is considerable over your entire lifetime. The median lifetime earnings of college graduates is nearly double that of those whose education ended with high school, according to U.S. Labor Department surveys. That can mean an increased earning potential of $1.5 million in total income over your lifetime with a college degree.

It makes sense for you to not only think of education as an investment, but also to think about student loans as an investment in your education. According to the most recent statistics available (for students graduating after the 2007-2008 school year), the average bachelor's degree graduate left school with about $23,000 in student loan debt. That included federal as well as private student loans (though it does not include debt taken on by parents) and includes both private and public schools.

Managed responsibly, and paid back on time, the investment in your education, even when including accumulated interest, is dwarfed by the increased earning power your college degree can potentially deliver.

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