The Power of Tax-Deferred Investing

Deferring taxes by contributing to tax-advantaged investment vehicles can potentially increase the growth of your savings and help you meet your goals. When your earnings aren't eroded by income taxes year after year, they can compound more quickly - given time, the difference can be significant. A sound investment strategy often includes starting early and taking advantage of tax-deferred products like Employee Sponsored Retirement Plans, including IRAs, SEPs, and annuities.

Tax deferred benefits are found in many investment vehicles including Roth IRAs, Fixed and Variable Annuities and 529* College Savings Plans. Tax treatment of withdrawals can vary depending on the rules associated with the program, timing of withdrawals and your qualification for certain qualified withdrawal benefits. Your Registered Representative has the experience to discuss each of these options and inform you of the general guidelines. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

*One should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing in municipal fund securities. More information about municipal fund securities is available in the issuer's official statement. The official statement should be read carefully before investing.

Understand potential conflicts of interest with annuity fund providers.

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