How to Plan and Budget for Painting as a Hobby

Start creating art with this guide on planning for the cost of art supplies

If you have ambitions of being the next Picasso or just want to flex your creative muscles, painting as a hobby can be a fulfilling pastime. Many amateur artists find that creating art as a hobby is a great way to relieve stress or simply to have some fun. Before you start painting, it's a good idea to compare the cost of art supplies and figure out what you'll need. In this article, we explain how to choose your art supplies wisely and how to use your checking account to budget for art supplies.

Purchase the basics for painting as a hobby with these tips

With so many paints, brushes and other artistic materials to choose from, deciding what to buy might seem overwhelming at first. To get started, check out these hints on which art supplies are suitable for hobbyists:

  • Paints - It's important to understand that different paints have different capabilities and skill requirements. Watercolor paint can create beautifully ethereal scenes, but its translucency makes it tricky for beginners since there's no covering up mistakes. Acrylic paint is fast-drying, which makes blending colors difficult, but it's fairly easy to use. Artists can use slow-drying oil paint to create complex paintings, but oil paint can take months to dry and is tricky to master. When considering the costs, keep in mind oil paint is usually the most expensive of the three.

  • Brushes - Paintbrushes generally come in three shapes: round, flat and filbert. A round brush has a tip that comes to a sharp point, a flat brush has a blunt end and is not pointed at all and a filbert brush is a blend of the two. Someone exploring art for the first time should consider buying one of each type of paintbrush to start. Brushes are either synthetic or natural, but delicate natural brushes are expensive and not ideal for a new artist budgeting for the cost of art supplies.

  • Support - In art, the surface upon which a painting is created is called the support. Part of the fun of painting as a hobby is that the support can be almost anything. Many beginners will use pre-stretched, primed canvas as their support, while professional artists will often stretch and prime a canvas themselves. If you choose to paint on paper, the type of paint you plan to use will dictate the type of paper you need to purchase.

  • Other supplies - Keep in mind, you'll need more than just paint, brushes and a support. For your first easel, you can save money by buying one secondhand. Trying a few used easels is a good way to determine what type you prefer before spending a lot of money on a new one. You'll also need a palette (a paint board) and palette knife (a flexible tool to remove paint from the palette). For cleaning, you can remove watercolor and acrylic paints with water, but you'll need to use mineral spirits to remove oil-based paint from brushes.

  • Classes - Some budding artists are naturally imbued with talent, while others choose to learn from the masters of their craft. The cost of an art class is highly variable and will mostly depend on where you live. Be sure to always ask whether the cost of art supplies is included in the rate or if materials cost extra. If you end up taking an art class, you can use the Citizens Bank mobile banking tool, Popmoney®, to pay your fees. Popmoney is a person-to-person payment service that lets you conveniently transfer money to just about anyone.

Open a checking account to budget for the cost of art supplies

Now that you know what supplies you'll need, it's time to create your budget. By opening One Deposit Checking from Citizens Bank®, you can easily plan and budget for your art-related expenses. When you make just one deposit per month to your One Deposit checking account, we'll waive the monthly maintenance fee. Additionally, mobile and online banking options from Citizens Bank make it easy to ensure that you stay within budget when shopping for supplies to begin creating art as a hobby. Now that you have all the information you need on budgeting for art supplies, find your muse and start painting!


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