Outdoor Renovations You Can Do This Fall

Take advantage of autumn weather to make outdoor home renovations

Summer is on its way out the door and winter will soon be knocking, but there is still plenty of time to make improvements to your home and yard. Before you retreat inside for the next few months, consider using the mild temperatures as an incentive to accomplish the outdoor renovations you've been putting off. Look over these tips from Citizens Bank on accomplishing outdoor maintenance chores and renovations this fall, and then learn about how an interest checking account can help you to plan and budget for all your home improvement projects.

Fall is the perfect time to complete these impactful backyard renovations

Without the heat of summer, it's easier than ever to work outside without feeling exhausted or uncomfortable. Whether you're thinking of a dramatic, large-scale renovation or a minor aesthetic tweak, you can feel even more productive this fall by accomplishing a few of these outdoor renovations:

  • Bird feeders - Consider your winged friends this winter and build them a birdfeeder for a relatively low-cost backyard update. Providing entertainment for you and nourishment for the birds, birdfeeders can add a natural, idyllic charm to any backyard. Place the birdfeeder in clear view of a window and enjoy the bustle of activity as birds flock to your yard. For those ornithological hobbyists, keep a journal and record the different types of birds that visit your home this winter.

  • Deck or patio - Building a deck in the fall is ideal for those who take pride in their landscaping, as there will be less of an impact on the dormant greenery. Even if you hire a contractor, you'll likely have more flexible scheduling options in the fall than you would in the summer, and you may even receive competitive off-season rates. Lastly, building a deck in the fall means that when winter does end, you can enjoy every moment of spring's arrival from the comfort of your new outdoor space.

  • Fire pit - The end of summer needn't mean the end of outdoor fun, especially for those who have fire pits. Putting in a fire pit not only adds to your backyard's aesthetic, but it can also be a source of memorable fall nights with family and friends. Depending on your level of construction experience, you can either create a custom fireplace to your own specifications or purchase a kit online or from a local hardware store. Be sure to check your city's regulations regarding fire pits before you start planning.

Don't forget to complete these outdoor maintenance projects before winter arrives

Adding shiny new features to your home and yard can be exciting, but there are also several maintenance projects that are essential to complete during fall:

  • Prepare for next year's greenery - If you want to see flowers blooming in your yard early next spring, you'll have to plan now and plant your desired spring bulb plants before winter arrives.

  • Overseed lawns - Before the turfgrass goes dormant for the winter, consider overseeding your lawn. Overseeding an older lawn helps to cut down on bare patches and makes it more insect resistant in the spring.

  • Trim trees - Before the inclement weather begins, trim your trees of any dead or dying branches. Aside from being an eyesore, dead tree branches can pose a real threat to your home and property during winter storms.

  • Perform gutter maintenance - Don't forget to clean out your gutters, either with a leaf blower or a hose, before it gets too cold. Inspect your gutter for potential issues such as standing water (after cleaning out the leaves), leaks and any overly worn areas.

  • Repair driveway cracks - Repairing all cracks in your driveway or patio is critical to preventing worsening conditions. If your driveway is due to be sealed (approximately every three years), be sure to plan for it before the temperature gets too cold.

Budget for your backyard updates with an interest checking account from Citizens Bank

When you're planning exciting outdoor renovations to your home, you want to grow your renovation fund as effectively as possible. Consider budgeting for your backyard renovations by opening a Personal Checking account with Interest from Citizens Bank. With an interest checking account, your home improvement funds will grow with competitive interest rates so you can meet your financial goals even sooner than you thought. Then, throughout the year, simply use our convenient money transfer feature to deposit extra funds into the interest checking account you've designated for your fall backyard updates. For more information on how we can help you accomplish your outdoor projects this fall, contact a Citizens Bank customer service representative today.


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