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Learn more about country club membership benefits and fees

Stunning golf courses, Olympic-sized pools or lakeside beaches, high-end dining, competitive tennis courts, relaxing spas, day camps for kids - country clubs have many amenities and activities for your family. However, the cost of a country club membership can be high, and you may be wondering if joining is worthwhile. To make an educated decision, examine the potential country club membership fees and benefits and how they compare to the cost and use of a public course. If you decide that country club membership benefits meet your, or your family's, needs, consider opening a checking account like the Circle Gold Checking with Interest® from Citizens Bank and managing your membership fees with automatic payments each month. Learn more about the benefits and expenses you may face when joining a country club below.

Discover the benefits of joining a country club

Joining a country club gives you the opportunity to take advantage of networking opportunities and multiple recreational amenities. While public clubs provide access to golf courses or fitness centers, repeated use can become expensive, and the clubhouses often lack the prestige of a private club. Amenities and activities vary by country club and the levels of membership offered, but most offer a clubhouse, dining room, private banquet rooms, a golf course, fitness center, pool or beach, tennis courts and social activities. Some may also offer spa services or overnight accommodations. Often clubs will offer programming for children as part of the membership, so your kids can learn a new skill or have fun with friends while you relax or cultivate business relationships. Plus, depending on the club you join, your membership may provide you with the opportunity to use other clubs around the country.

A country club membership is a fun way to stay fit and spend the summer as a family, but it's also beneficial when you need to network. As a member, you can use the club to connect with other business professionals or entertain clients in a luxury setting. If you're considering the differences between a public and private club, the business benefits of a private club's professionalism and atmosphere may be a deciding factor. Plus, if you use the club enough for business, your company may even cover the cost of your country club membership. Or, your club may offer a young professionals discount for members looking for the opportunity to golf and network without using the full spread of amenities. Research local clubs in the area to determine which has the amenities you need with membership fees you can afford.

Evaluate the cost of a country club membership and rules for joining

When considering country club membership benefits, it's important to keep the cost in mind. Fees may include initiation, security deposit, equity share, annual or monthly dues, and ancillary fees like golf cart rentals and dues for the upkeep of the club. However, there are often several levels of membership that can make joining a country club more affordable. Aside from the full club membership, you may also have the opportunity to purchase a golf-, fitness-, tennis- or social-only membership for a lower cost. Examine all country club membership fees, from your annual dues to golf cart rentals, before you apply.

Prior to joining a country club, make sure you understand its rules for membership. This may include a referral requirement, an agreement to a certain standard of club etiquette in dress and action, and an understanding that there may be additional fees for specific services. Club rules also often include guidelines for discontinuing your membership. If at any point the cost becomes prohibitive, or you find you're not using the club as much as you anticipated, you may choose to cancel your membership. If the club likes to keep a certain ratio of new members to exiting members, you may have to wait to cancel your membership until someone else joins. However, you may also choose to decrease the level of your membership to something more affordable and better aligned to your use of the club instead. Review the club's membership rules and bi-laws thoroughly before you apply for a country club membership.

Manage the cost of country club membership fees with a checking account from Citizens Bank

Whether you're an avid golfer or looking to socialize and network, there are many country club membership benefits to consider. If you've been spending more time and money at the public club lately, it may be wise to see if a private membership could offer better benefits, even if the price is higher. Should you decide the cost of country club membership fees is worthwhile for your situation, open a checking account online to manage your annual and monthly expenses. You can even allocate a portion of your paycheck to go to an account designated for country club membership fees using direct deposit. Or, you can set up automatic payments to the club once the direct deposit hits your main checking account each month.

A checking account designated for any country club expenses may be the most beneficial, as it allows you to keep a close eye on your monthly expenditures as well as save and budget for future costs. Before joining a country club, set aside funds in this account to cover your initiation fee and the membership fees for the first few months. This way, you'll have a better idea if the cost of a country club membership is something you can sustainably afford. If you have more questions about how to open a checking account or take advantage of the online banking services offered by Citizens Bank, speak to one of our representatives today.


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