Turn Game Room Ideas Into a Place to Play

Learn how to make a game room you can enjoy with family and friends

Whether you enjoy traditional card games or the latest video game consoles, a game room is a wonderful way to entertain guests and unwind with friends and family. If you want to build the ultimate space for your favorite hobby, Citizens Bank is here to help. Check out our list of cool game room ideas and get some tips on how to make a game room that fits your style and interests.

Start: Budget for your game room with a checking account

Before you begin shopping for your new game room, take a look at your budget and determine how much your renovations may cost. If you need to save to reach your goal, consider opening a checking account online that you dedicate to managing your décor and renovation expenses. While you refine the plans for your game room, you can use our online and mobile banking tools to set up automatic transfers and keep track of your savings goals.

Pause: Think of game room ideas and plan ahead

Once you have finalized your game room budget, start thinking of ideas that fit your interests and the space you have to work with. Your game room should be easily accessible for friends and family alike, and should also be large enough to accommodate the equipment you have in mind. (For example, a ping pong table requires nine feet for the table itself, six feet of space on either end and four feet of space along the sides.) Below, you'll see some popular game room ideas and decorating schemes you can use to get inspired.

  • Sports: This game room idea lets you dedicate space to your favorite sport, team or players. Consider decorating the game room with televisions, memorabilia, accessories and themed arcade games like a foosball table, air hockey table, pop-a-shot game or ping pong table.

  • Pub and casino games: Fancy a friendly wager? Whether you enjoy casual get-togethers or classy Monte Carlo style entertaining, this cool game room idea gives everyone a chance to try their luck. Accessories could include a pool table, poker or other card table, roulette wheel, dartboard and dice tables.

  • Board games: Though the games can be complex, creating this game room is simple. One decorating idea for a game room where board games are the primary focus could be a table with multiple tops to provide boards for chess, checkers and other classics. Additional tables throughout the room could host more tabletop strategy or role-playing games.

  • Retro arcade: Do you dig the cabinet games of yesteryear? If so, consider installing some classic arcade and pinball machines so you can relive or recreate past glories – in this game room, the cabinets are also the decorations!

  • Modern game room: If you're ready to advance to the next level, put your own spin on this modern game room idea by installing wall-mounted televisions, surround sound and comfortable chairs as well as the latest video games and systems.

After settling on a theme, it's time to consider the furniture, equipment, lighting and other amenities you'll need to achieve your game room ideas. You may also need to make upgrades or improvements to the room itself – for example, a high amp circuit breaker may be required if you're planning to install multiple arcade games, or you may want to add a wet bar with proper plumbing in a pub-themed game room. When you’re ready to start remodeling, you can use our mobile banking app to pay bills and track your spending.

Play: Spend time with family and friends in the new space

With a bit of saving and proper planning, you can turn your game room idea into a space everyone can enjoy. If you're ready to start saving, consider opening a checking account at Citizens Bank and using our online and mobile banking tools to reach your goals. To learn more about our checking account options, speak with a Citizens Bank customer service representative today.


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