Get Fit in Five of America's Most Active Cities

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Most cities and towns have gyms and parks, so what sets the country's most active cities apart from others? It's all about attitude - active locations try to foster a culture of fitness, and America's fittest cities offer residents plenty of ways to get and stay healthy. Our list of five of the most active cities includes locations with an abundance of parks, outdoor activities, gyms and pools, as well as healthy food options like farmers' markets and vegetarian restaurants. These active cities also host numerous wellness centers where you can relax with a massage or learn how to balance work and family obligations with a healthy lifestyle.

Use our guide to five of the most active cities to discover the health and fitness options available in each location and decide which city is right for your next adventure. Plus, when you're thinking about visiting any of these active locations, Citizens Bank is here to help with a mobile banking app that lets you monitor your accounts whether you're on the trail, the water, or the slopes.

1. Bike, paddle or run in Boston

Home to the world-famous Boston Marathon, this New England city is a mecca for runners. However, Boston is also a great place for those who want to make physical activity part of their daily routine. This active city is home to the Hubway - one of the first bike-sharing programs in the country - which allows residents and visitors to cycle to work, school, one of the city's 28 farmers' markets and other attractions. Paddlesports, swimming and skiing are also popular among residents, and local gyms offer classes in everything from yoga to boxing. You can also check out the Emerald Necklace, a network of active locations and parks that winds its way around the city. Whether you're visiting, traveling for work or thinking of relocating, you'll find plenty to keep you active in Boston.

2. Explore the mountains and stretch your legs in Denver

The Mile-High City is consistently named one of the country's fittest cities, and it's easy to see why. Denver offers year-round outdoor recreation; hiking, skiing, mountain biking and outdoor yoga are popular ways for residents and visitors to pass the time. Gyms, pools and public parks are also widely available to residents of this active city, and an abundance of wellness centers help keep them focused on their fitness journey. Whether walking to work or checking out the tourist attractions, you can pick up fresh produce at one of Denver's six farmers' markets or grab a bite to eat at a vegetarian cafe.

3. Tour New England splendor in Hartford, CT

It may be a smaller city, but Hartford has a big list of healthy amenities that help it rank among the country's fittest cities. This active New England location offers residents the opportunity to engage in activities like boating, swimming, hiking and mountain biking. But it also offers more unique experiences like horseback riding and letterboxing, a form of orienteering in which hikers use clues and coordinates to find a treasure box. Fitness centers in Hartford offer classes in yoga, Pilates and spinning, and the wellness center at Hartford Hospital offers special programs for women and mothers. In addition to being an active city, it's also a great place for healthy eating - with seven farmers' markets and 32 vegetarian or vegan restaurants, there's plenty to choose from.

4. Get fit for free in New York City

The Big Apple boasts 243 fitness centers, but you don't have to pay a gym fee to get fit in New York City. While it doesn't usually appear on 'fittest city' lists, the city is helping its citizens and visitors get active with free outdoor fitness classes offered in the summer. It's also a surprisingly active city, with everything from hiking to surfing available at various points throughout the metropolis. New York City boasts an impressive number of wellness centers, healthy restaurants and farmers' markets, but its park system is possibly its greatest fitness asset - with over 1,700 parks, recreation facilities and playgrounds, the city is a great place for everyone in the family to get in shape.

5. Experience four seasons of fitness in Burlington, VT

Burlington residents have a reputation for healthy living, and it's easy to see why this is one of America's most active cities. Its proximity to Lake Champlain, ski slopes and a number of state parks allows Burlington's residents to participate in outdoor activities no matter what the season. If anyone should get tired of hiking, biking, swimming, paddling or skiing in this active location, they can take fitness classes at a number of gyms and facilities, including some that are hosted by the University of Vermont. Healthy food is also abundant as vegetarian restaurants, farmers' markets and food co-ops are available throughout the city.

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Whether you're taking a health retreat or planning a lifestyle makeover, Citizens Bank is with you every step of the way. If you're thinking about visiting an active city, start by opening a checking account so you can access your money quickly and easily. Do some research and take time to find an account that's right for you and your financial goals.

Once you open a checking account, you can use our mobile banking app to pay bills online and monitor your spending. This will make it easier to set aside money for your trip. When you're exploring an active city, you can also use our mobile banking app to look for Citizens Bank ATMs or branches. Contact one of our customer service representatives to learn more about our products and services, or open a checking account online before you plan for your next adventure.


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