Vacation Packing Tips for Three Different Types of Trips

Reduce stress on your next trip with these packing tips from Citizens Bank

Packing for a trip can be hectic if you're unprepared or unpracticed. Beyond learning the essentials of how to plan and pack efficiently, each trip has its own demands to prepare for. In this vacation packing guide from Citizens Bank, we provide packing tips for several scenarios so you can expedite the process and have a more stress-free experience away from home. Furthermore, we'll introduce some of the steps you can take to budget for any type of trip. Take the following tips into account the next time you're packing for a family vacation, business trip or camping adventure:

Packing for family vacation

When you have little ones, packing for a family vacation may be overwhelming. Use these tips to simplify the process and take some of the stress out of preparing for your trip.

  • Get creative to simplify packing - A helpful tip for packing for a family vacation with your children is to pack their individual outfits in one-gallon plastic zip-top bags marked with their designated day of use. Similarly, if you're taking a weekend trip, consider packing one bag for each day of the trip (rather than one for each family member) so you only have to worry about unpacking and repacking one suitcase daily.

  • Use checklists - Checklists are useful when you're packing for a family vacation because you're responsible for not only your own items, but also your children's. When making your checklist, include a 'packed for vacation' checkbox and a 'packed for home' checkbox next to each item. When you pack an item on your list, check the 'packed for vacation box' and do not take the item out until you arrive. When your trip is over, check the 'packed for home' box as you pack your bag for home. This way, you can be certain that you don't forget something essential on your vacation, and you can rest easy knowing that you didn't leave anything behind at the hotel.

Formal or business travel packing tips

Destination weddings and business trips can have added stress due to the pressure to make a good impression with other guests or business associates. Keep these formal and business travel packing tips in mind for your next trip:

  • Plan for secondary events - Though you might be preoccupied with picking out the perfect formal outfit, don't forget to bring comfortable leisure clothing and shoes for after the event. Also, it's possible that other events will pop up during the trip, so always make sure to pack at least one extra outfit. Plus, it's smart to have a backup for your planned formal outfit in case something goes wrong with your original choice.

  • Choose travel-friendly formalwear - If possible, bring items with thicker fabric so they're less likely to wrinkle in transit. Ironing your clothes at the hotel can cost you valuable time on a tight travel schedule, and hotel irons may be unpredictable and damage your clothes. If you must bring a wrinkle-prone outfit, remember that rolling clothing into tight tubes (rather than folding) is a moderately effective way to reduce wrinkling.

Packing for a backpacking trip

A camping trip can be more complicated than other types of travel. Rather than focusing on comfort and convenience, proper packing for this type of trip can become a matter of survival. To begin packing for a backpacking trip in the wilderness, start with these two areas:

  • Prioritize with a packing list - When you're taking a backpacking trip, you'll have to balance packing everything you need for food, hydration and shelter from the elements with the limitation of carrying everything on your back. Organizations like the National Park Service provide backpacking trip checklists, but you should also consider the specific area you will be visiting when packing. Be certain to create a master travel list to share with fellow travelers to ensure you don't waste space by packing duplicate items - and that you have all the necessities for surviving outdoors.

  • Learn the art of packing a backpack - Once you've made final decisions on what you need to bring, it's time to pack your supplies properly. It's a good idea to pack and unpack your bag several times before the trip to make sure you'll be able to pack and carry the backpack with relative ease while away from home. Though the guidelines for packing backpacks are fairly extensive, the general rules are as follows: Pack your sleeping bag at the very bottom, place heavy items on top of your sleeping bag (close to your spine), put smaller items inside of larger items (for example, cooking supplies inside the cooking pot) and keep frequently used items as easily accessible as possible.

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