Summer Job Ideas for Students

Get tips on how to find an internship and set up direct deposit to manage the money you earn

If you're a college student who plans to graduate in a couple years, you may be considering internship or summer job ideas. From gaining real-life work experience to earning extra cash to pay for school-related expenses, an internship will bolster your resume and can help you land a job in your field after graduation. Use this guide from Citizens Bank to discover how to find a summer job or paid internship, and consider having your paycheck automatically deposited into your checking account with direct deposit so you can quickly and easily access the money you earn.

Benefits of an internship or summer job

In today's competitive job market, experienced applicants with developed skills often have an edge over other candidates. If you will be graduating college in a few years, you probably don't have the same experience as more seasoned candidates - but that's where an internship can help. An internship can provide valuable hands-on experience in your career field and can help grow your network of contacts. If you're unsure what you'd like to do after college, finding an internship or summer job in a field you're interested in can help you decide. Additionally, summer employment can provide a source of income you can use to help save for college or pay off student loans. Not all internships are paid, however, so determine if you will need a supplemental source of income and consider the summer job ideas we mention a little later in this article.

How to find an internship

It's a good idea to start applying for an internship or summer job early in the year, as many students may be searching for employment the same time you are. If there are specific companies you are interested in working for someday, check their websites to see if they offer internship programs. Interning at a company while still in school may help your chances of being offered a full time job there once you graduate. If getting into a specific field is more important than interning at a certain company, search online job boards for opportunities in your area. Your family or neighbors may also have connections at local companies, so ask around if they know of any opportunities. Also, make a visit to your college career center. Many schools invite local businesses to recruit on campus, and the career center will likely have multiple suggestions of where you could apply. Be sure to check with your counselor or academic advisor to determine if you will be required to complete an internship in order to graduate as well.

Summer job ideas

Are you wondering how to find a summer job so you can earn extra spending money? Or, are you looking for an income to supplement an unpaid internship? Consider a few common summer job ideas we've listed below:

  • Get certified to lifeguard at a local pool.
  • Apply at your favorite retail store.
  • Find employment at a daycare.
  • Be a caddy or work the snack bar at a nearby golf course.
  • Become a camp counselor for the summer.

Manager your summer income with direct deposit and mobile banking

An internship or summer job can give you the opportunity to earn extra money while gaining valuable experience you'll need to secure a job after graduation. If this is your first job, consider opening a One Deposit checking account from Citizens Bank to get you started. Talk to your new employer about direct deposit options, and sign up if it's available. Direct deposit will make your paycheck automatically available in your checking account on payday. Then, download our mobile banking app. Mobile banking can help you manage your spending and will allow you to transfer money from your checking account to a college savings account right from your phone. To learn more about direct deposit and mobile banking, or to decide which banking solution is right for you, contact a Citizens Bank representative today.


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