Track Travel Spending

Use mobile banking and online checking accounts to manage funds and track expenditures

Whether you're traveling for business or leisure, it's important to have a system for money management on the go. Business travelers need to have a record of what they are spending and where in order to secure reimbursements, and vacation travelers need to make sure they don't go over their budget on souvenirs or miss a bill payment. With the advent of mobile banking and online checking account access, it's easier than ever for travelers to manage their money away from home. Learn more about the tools and tips Citizens Bank offers to simplify tracking and managing travel spending.

Track travel spending and reconcile receipts with online checking account statements

No more waiting until the end of the month to reconcile your statement! Tracking purchases, transfers and deposits is as easy as enrolling in Online Banking. Simply log in to your checking account online, or through the Citizens Bank mobile app, and review your recent transaction history. You'll be able to compare purchases against receipts, often on the same day you make them. You can also check your balance, monitor the process of a payment or transfer, and have an additional record of what you spent.

Consider storing receipts in an easily accessible, but secure pouch during travel. You may even choose to file them by expense type. When you need to account for your travel spending to your company, it's wise to set aside receipts somewhere other than your wallet, purse or car consol. Don't forget to ask for an itemized receipt when available, and if you aren't using an EZ-Pass, get a receipt at the toll booths when driving. Then tuck the receipts safely away until it's time for expense reporting.

Discover the secrets of good money management for vacation travel

While cash is always good to have on hand, many travelers don't want to carry too much. Your travel funds should be a balance between credit, debit and cash purchases. You may even want to use traveler's checks if you'll want cash but won't be near your bank's ATM often. (After the cost of the item you purchase with the check, your change will be made in cash.) Traveling with a credit card that has an extended credit line in case of emergencies is a good idea, but your primary method of payment should be debit or a lower balance credit card to help you stay within your budget. These other tips can help you curb your travel spending while still having a great time:

  • Create a souvenir budget and focus on the unique items you can't find elsewhere
  • Stay in a bed and breakfast to get more bang for your buck than a hotel
  • Consider packing meals when possible to save money while still sampling local cuisine
  • Try to pack everything in a carry-on to avoid bag fees if you're flying
  • Look for social deals through mobile applications for your destination

Don't miss a payment on-the-go with mobile banking

When you're on vacation, you're probably trying very hard to avoid thinking about responsibilities like paying bills. Thankfully, mobile banking technology makes it easy for you to manage your bills quickly so you can get back to enjoying your time away. Simply download the mobile banking app from Citizens Bank and add your payees. If you already use Online Bill Pay for your money management, these payees will import to the app for you. Then, you can set up automatic payments or make a one-time payment from the airport, beach or hotel. You can also transfer funds from your vacation savings account to your checking account using online or mobile banking if you need to increase your spending money.

Download the mobile banking app and enroll in Citizens Bank online banking

From tracking expenditures to paying bills and transferring funds, it's easy to manage travel spending with mobile and online banking access virtually anywhere you go. To learn more about opening a checking account online, or using the mobile and online banking offerings from Citizens Bank, talk to a customer service representative today. We can help you find the perfect checking and savings accounts to meet your travel needs. Open a checking account with Citizens Bank today for simplified money management when you travel.


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