Increase efficiency in making and reconciling payments and you can reduce administrative costs, help realize the benefit of early payment discounts and improve supply chain satisfaction. Tap all these benefits, and reduce fraud risk with accessAPcard®, a powerful ePayables tool.

With accessAPcard, you approve invoices through your existing A/P system, which transmits a file to us authorizing that batch of invoices. We generate a single-use virtual card number and send remittance instructions authorizing your supplier to charge the amount you’ve approved. We process the payment and provide you with payment confirmation.

The convenient web interface eliminates the need for additional costly software. And, cost savings can be gained by eliminating checks and ACH fees, while rebates from purchases can generate an additional revenue stream.

Key benefits for you

  • Improves A/P efficiency and control over payment timing.
  • Increases Days Payable Outstanding.
  • Optimizes working capital.
  • Reduces fraud risk, increases cost savings.
  • Add to card’s rebates – a new revenue stream.

Key benefits for suppliers

  • Improves cash flow.
  • Guarantees payment.
  • Reduces Days Sales Outstanding.
  • Eliminates check processing fees and delays.
  • Provides detailed remittance advice.
  • Enables relief from PCI and regulatory requirements.

Our Treasury Solutions Specialists can help you determine how to make the most of accessAPcard for your business and oversee implementation and training.



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