Using wire transfers or checks to make payments outside the U.S. can be complicated and costly. Our online accessGLOBAL ACH® application offers a more efficient electronic payment alternative.

With accessGLOBAL ACH, you can make payments in U.S. dollars or local currencies to accounts in 25 countries, including Canada, Mexico, Panama and most of western Europe. All accessGLOBAL ACH transactions employ the Federal Reserve as U.S. gateway operator, ensuring secure, reliable transactions.


With accessGLOBAL ACH you can:

  • Make single or recurring payments to customers and suppliers, or make payroll deposits and other recurring payments.
  • Make payments in U.S. dollars and conduct transactions either in dollars or local currencies.
  • Reduce the cost of sending payments via wires or by mailing checks.
  • Customize features to match the payment transfer requirements of your existing cash management services, whether you’re originating payments using EDI, Direct Pay or our online accessOPTIMA® application.


Whether your firm is new to ACH payments or currently using a domestic ACH service, a Treasury Solutions Specialist can help you set up accessGLOBAL ACH and provide training and support for your employees.



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