Purchasing and selling products and services internationally can be challenging for U.S. companies. Exporters want fast and accurate payments; importers want orders delivered quickly and reliably.

Efficient execution, documentation and communication of trade transactions using our online accessGLOBAL Trade Flow® application make international commerce easier and more successful.

This powerful web-based application enables you to initiate and manage real-time international trade transactions through direct communication with us and with your global trading partners.

With accessGLOBAL Trade Flow you can:

  •  Create, approve, release and settle global trade transactions with international customers and suppliers. 
  • Customize the transaction approval workflow to meet your needs. 
  •  Upload purchase orders and other image files for inclusion in transactions.
  • Maintain an updated repository of trade-related documents, such as Import and Export Letters of Credit and Documentary Collections and Banker’s Acceptances, for easy reference. 
  •  Work in multiple languages and currencies. 
  • Execute international transactions with confidence, benefitting from accessGLOBAL Trade Flow’s enhanced online security features, including multi-factor authentication and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. 


Work with a Global Trade Finance Specialist to implement accessGLOBAL Trade Flow in your organization and learn more about other solutions that can help you achieve your international business goals.