Monthly statements and online transaction reports provide an excellent overall picture of past cash flows. But when you need to resolve issues such as missing check claims, or you want greater ease in researching receivables and payables, there’s no substitute for visual records.

With accessIMAGE®, you can quickly access an image of the front and back of every paper-based transaction made to or from your accounts, including:

  • Paid checks
  • Deposited checks and deposit tickets made at our bank branches and ATMs
  • Lockbox deposits
  • Checks, postal orders, travelers’ checks, coupons and other items you scan and transmit to us using our E-Z Deposit® application

And you can choose the image format that’s best for you:

  • Standard CD-ROM Check Imaging, provided with viewing software for easy access and retrieval
  • DDA Deposit CD-ROM, if you’d like images of all deposit items in addition to checks
  • Network CD-ROM Check Imaging, enabling you to use the image files and viewing application on your company-hosted network so multiple users can access the records (available when you use our Account Reconciliation service)
  • Image Transmission, delivering the files through secure batch transmissions on a schedule you select

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can work with you to select the accessIMAGE option that best meets your needs and recommend complementary solutions that can help streamline your cash management processes.



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