Writing and posting checks can be time-consuming, costly and prone to errors. Unauthorized checks can put your company at financial and reputational risk.

CheckMint® offers an attractive way to outsource checkwriting and free up staff time for more important tasks. Simply send us an electronic file of checks you want to issue and we’ll print and mail your checks by 7 pm EST the next business day. We’ll also provide a check register and “check-issued” file you can use to verify checks as they’re paid from your accounts. To prevent fraud and protect the integrity and privacy of your data transactions, CheckMint incorporates sophisticated security protocols including:

  • Encryption of your data files
  • Multi-level validations
  • Inclusion of control totals in your payment files
  • Use of laser-printing and blank check stock to eliminate risk of pre-printed check inventory theft

For added security, you can use our Positive Pay solution to review, approve or deny pending check debits posted to your accounts.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can work with you and members of your team to set up CheckMint in your company, assign authorized users and provide training and support.



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