Even as the world moves to electronic payments, many retail stores, restaurants and other cash-intensive businesses still handle large volumes of bills and coins. Transporting this currency to or from the bank can be time-consuming…and potentially risky.

Eliminate this burden by outsourcing the transportation and processing of coins and bills to and from your location with our Coin & Currency service.

  • Order currency from our vault using our automated phone system.
  • Use your contracted courier to deliver currency orders to you in the morning and transport excess coins and bills to our vault at the close of business.
  • Send checks, coupons and gift certificates to specified vaults to be forwarded to us for processing.
  • Receive same-day credit for deposits made before cut-off time at certain vault locations.
  • Combine this service with our E-Z Deposit® electronic check scanning and transmission service to simplify your receivables processes.
  • View all deposit activities and adjustment entries with our online accessMONEY Manager© application or receive confirmations and receipts by fax or U.S. mail.

And, it’s all completely compliant with U.S. Treasury cash-reporting requirements.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can let you know which of our deposit options are available in your area, provide training for your employees and even help you find a courier service if you don’t yet have one.



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