Over-funding cash disbursement accounts is not an optimal use of working capital. Under-funding can result in overdraft charges. For companies with heavy payment volumes, providing appropriate funding to cover debits on a daily basis is critical.

Our Controlled Disbursement service can eliminate “funding uncertainty” by notifying you each morning of the total dollar amount of pending check payments scheduled to clear that evening. You can view this information online using our accessOPTIMA® application or receive notifications by fax. So you’ll know exactly how much you need to transfer into your account that day.

Much more than a “warning system,” Controlled Disbursement is a powerful tool for:

  • Improving cash forecasting practices
  • Maintaining an appropriate balance of disbursable and investable funds
  • Reducing the possibility of expensive overdrafts
  • Maximizing the earning and loan-reduction potential of liquid assets

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can set up Controlled Disbursement for your accounts and discuss other solutions for managing liquidity.



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