International mergers and acquisitions. Overseas expansions. Capital restructuring of foreign subsidiaries. Or simply day-to-day operations for handling global FX payments and receivables. These complex transactions take time to plan and execute, which increases their exposure to exchange rate volatility.

To help reduce these risks, count on the global expertise and international market knowledge of our dedicated team of Foreign Exchange (FX) Specialists. With deep experience in managing currency risks, we can customize solutions to help you execute your international business objectives with greater success and efficiency. Benefit from:

  • Access to our dedicated FX Sales and Trading Desk to execute high-dollar payment and hedging strategies in more than 124 currencies (for qualified customers)
  • Competitive live market exchange rates
  • Customized hedging strategies to reduce erosion of your payment flows
  • Deliverable forwards, Non-deliverable forwards, FX swaps and Cross currency swaps to hedge against longer-term currency risks
  • Periodic updates on economic and exchange rate movement provided by our dedicated FX advisors
  • Foreign currency accounts (FCAs) that let you make and receive payments in native currencies
  • Access to CBForex®, our online real-time FX trading and transaction reporting platform


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