Dual Signature Review is an effective control against external and internal fraud, and unauthorized remotely created drafts — giving you that extra assurance that only your dually signed checks will remain paid against your account. This service offers manual inspection of all checks exceeding the dollar amount threshold amount set by you. Any check(s) missing the required number of signatures or reflecting an unauthorized or suspicious signature, as compared to your maintained signature card, will automatically be returned and the funds will be credited back into your account the next business day.

Used alone or as part of a holistic fraud mitigation suite, Dual Signature Review is an efficient and effective tool with important applications for both small and large organizations:

  • For companies lacking the resources for Positive Pay, Dual Signature Review offers a turnkey vetting solution that requires minimal resources. However, unlike Positive Pay, Dual Signature Review does not apply to checks cashed through the teller line.
  • For larger companies vigilant of internal fraud, Dual Signature Review can be used with Positive Pay to act as an additional security control for high dollar-amount payments.



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