Even as the world moves to electronic payments, many customers continue to pay by check. Putting the burden on you and your employees to make sure all this paper is deposited…and nothing goes astray.

Get faster access to funds and eliminate the paperwork with our E-Z Deposit® service.

  • Use a scanner and PC or smartphone to scan checks, money orders, travelers’ checks, invoices, coupons and other paper-based payments and convert them to images.
  • Eliminate the need for physical signatures by using optional automated endorsement features.
  • Export information on these images to your A/R system.
  • Transmit the deposit images to us over the web using our secure encryption technology.
  • Checks submitted by 8:00 pm ET receive same-day deposit and next-day funds availability.
  • Reporting tracks activity and transactions, provides deposit details and summaries as well as settlement information.
  • Images are retained for two years.
  • View deposit activity alongside other account activity through our online accessMONEY Manager® application.
  • Use our online accessIMAGE® application to view and archive a wide variety of imaged documents such as paid checks and deposited items.

Our state-of-the-art encryption technology protects the confidentiality and integrity of all your online data and financial transactions. And our secure login features and multiple levels of protection help prevent unauthorized access to your accounts, reducing the risk of fraud.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can help set up E-Z Deposit in your locations and provide training and support to authorized users.



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