Sometimes it’s advantageous to obtain financing in foreign currencies. Particularly when you’re involved in foreign merger and acquisition activities or a capital restructuring. Or when you’re looking for a natural hedge to a foreign subsidiary’s currency exposure.

Our Foreign Exchange (FX) team can arrange short- or long-term foreign currency loans for your company or its international subsidiaries. These loans:

  • Enable you to conduct transactions in foreign currencies without the potential devaluation risks and fees that may occur when converting from U.S. dollars to foreign currencies.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple credit lines with foreign-based financial institutions.
  • Offer either fixed or floating rates to fit your capital structure needs.
  • Can be used in conjunction with spot and forward contracts, cross-currency swaps and other currency hedging solutions to provide both short- and long-term currency risk protection.

Contact us to see if foreign currency lending is right for your business and explore other solutions that can help you protect the value of your borrowed capital.


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