Global trade can be hampered by unanticipated swings in foreign exchange rates. Reduce this risk by working with our experienced Foreign Exchange (FX) Specialists. Leverage our extensive knowledge of global markets to help manage the impact of currency volatility. Whether you’re concerned about exchange rate risk or seek to benefit from currency movements, we can execute currency hedging strategies that reflect your priorities.

Our robust array of solutions includes:

  • Foreign Currency Accounts to improve agility in responding to market conditions.
  • Forward contracts that lock in foreign exchange rates through a bank-guaranteed conversion rate.
  • Spot contracts that guarantee a conversion rate for a specific transaction in the currency markets today, for maturity in one or two days.
  • Cross currency swaps to effectively manage balance sheet risk or net investment hedges.
  • Non-deliverable forwards that provide risk protection in emerging markets where standard options aren’t available.

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