Increasing economic pressures are felt in all sectors of the vast healthcare industry – from care providers managing reimbursement and reform issues, to pharmaceutical, medical technology and life sciences providers faced with increasing outcome hurdles and R&D costs.

With an average of more than 20 years’ experience in serving healthcare clients, our bankers understand the challenges of specific healthcare business models and have the expertise to quickly assess your unique needs and financial operating requirements. Our sector knowledge means we recommend and deliver smart ideas and the right solutions.

Our team has experience with a broad array of financing options, products and services – to ensure we recommend the most cost-effective approach to help you finance growth, control costs and run more efficiently. Backed by teams of experts from Healthcare Corporate Finance, Asset-Based Finance and Treasury Solutions, we offer a robust set of financial solutions, including:

  • Flexible Financing options, backed by expertise in tailoring lending structures, to support your growth, capital improvement or restructuring objectives.
  • Capital Markets capabilities to help fund expansion, optimize capital structures and execute successful M&A transactions.
  • Comprehensive Treasury Management solutions that can streamline your organization’s receivables, claims and payments processes and accelerate your revenue cycle.

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