Whether you do business in a store, online or on the road, having a merchant services provider that enables you to accept payments how your customers want to pay is a necessity.

And with identity theft and cybercrime on the rise, it’s critical to choose a provider that protects data integrity at every stage of the transaction. Through Citizens Bank Merchant Services, you'll benefit from secure processing across a broad range of card-based and alternative payments methods:

  • Processing via on-site POS terminals (yours or ours), through your PC, online shopping carts or on a mobile device
  • Direct connections for accepting all major credit cards
  • Debit card processing with PIN entry at point-of-sale
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card processing for customers using government-issued payment cards
  • Check processing, with instant approval or denial
  • Mobile payments through your smartphone or tablet
  • Recurring payments automatically deducted from your customer's credit card or bank account


By choosing Citizens Bank Merchant Services, you’ll also benefit from the industry’s highest standards of security protection:

  • Optional end-to-end payment encryption keeps card data secure.
  • Checks can be converted to electronic, debit-like transactions for greater security.
  • Transactions are quickly verified.
  • PCI tools to help you validate your compliance.


We can help you determine which of these services make sense for your business.



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