Government funding is increasingly subject to cuts. Donations are slowing. Marketing needs magnify. Cash flow tightens. Staffs are stretched and the need for efficiency increases. Financing the future increases in importance, but takes a back seat to funding the present.

Our local dedicated Relationship Managers work with hundreds of educational institutions, hospitals, senior living communities, associations, human service providers, and religious, civic and cultural organizations. Deep experience in the nonprofit sector means that we understand the specific challenges 501(c)(3) entities face, and have the expertise to assess your needs and financial operating requirements quickly and thoroughly.

From cash management tools that streamline financial reporting and accelerate collections, to cost-effective liquidity management options, our customized solutions for nonprofits combine technology, credit and advice to address your needs, including:

  • Commercial loans and lines of credit to provide working capital for continuing operations as well as tax-exempt financing, including direct purchases of bonds, pooled loans and standby letters of credit for funding of expansion needs.
  • Taxable or tax-exempt mortgage financing and Equipment Financing to ensure you have the appropriate capital and credit solutions given your borrowing needs.
  • Interest Rate Risk Management solutions, including derivatives such as swaps, caps and collars, to keep inflation and rising interest rates from eroding the value of cash and increasing borrowing costs.
  • Treasury Management solutions that allow you to do more with less, simplifying reporting, managing receivables and streamlining collections, including automated patient and payer posting solutions.

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Bruce H. Figueroa

Head of Nonprofit Banking

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