Global markets offer growth and profit opportunity, but political, economic and local market factors can create administrative burdens and risks. We offer expertise and a comprehensive range of supply chain financing services to help both buyers and suppliers address their working capital and risk management needs.

Our supply chain financing services include customized structured solutions designed to strengthen global and domestic supply chains by protecting working capital and allowing trade to be financed at a lower rate.

Successful supply chain financing programs benefit both buyers and sellers.

Benefits to Buyers

  • Funds working capital and cash flow objectives.
  • Reduces supply chain expenses.
  • Provides local financing for suppliers.
  • Promotes cross-border goodwill and loyalty.

Benefits to Suppliers

  • Speeds up and guarantees settlement of invoices.
  • Helps to control costs.
  • Finances can be on purchase order, shipment or invoice.
  • Accelerates cash flows and releases credit line.

Though Supply Chain Finance facilities may be structured in a number of ways, the two overarching structures are:

  • Supplier Led Receivables Purchase, providing liquidity by discounting receivables due from our customer’s, which often provides a lower-cost alternative to secured loans
  • Buyer Led Supplier Finance, enabling buyers to extend payment terms while providing liquidity for the suppliers to receive early payment through supplier financing based on discounting receivables due from your company

Set up a customized supply chain finance program for your company with the assistance of our experienced Global Trade Finance Specialists, who can provide support at every step of the process.