Idle cash is cash at risk. At risk of losing value relative to inflation. At risk of not investing in capabilities and capacity needed for growth. At risk of not optimizing debt in your capital structure. Putting funds to work immediately is a critical cash management and capital preservation strategy. That’s where our automated investment and credit sweeps services can help.

Once you’ve set a target balance level for your account, we’ll automatically sweep excess cash every night to generate income, reduce debt – or both.

Investment Sweeps

  • Excess cash is swept into investments overnight.
  • Investment vehicles include Overnight Repurchase Agreements, Euro Dollar sweeps and Money Market Mutual Fund sweeps.
  • Detailed transaction reports on fund movements and investment maturities are available daily.
  • Balances are completely liquid and available when needed.

Line of Credit Sweeps

  • Excess cash is swept overnight to pay down outstanding loan balances.
  • Payments reduce interest expense.
  • If operating balances fall below a targeted level, funds are automatically swept from your Line of Credit into your account.

A third choice, Sweep to Line of Investment, combines the two options. Balances first pay down any outstanding loan balances and then the remaining funds are invested.

Speak with an experienced Treasury Solutions Specialist to help determine which options and target levels make sense for your business and set up automated sweeps for any of your qualified accounts.



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