Managing multiple accounts that may be required if you have numerous locations or business lines can be costly and time-consuming.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBAs) offer you an easy and convenient way to automatically consolidate funds into one account that can then be used to fund disbursements or investments. It’s less expensive than wires and frees employees from having to transfer funds manually. Use ZBAs to:

  • Reduce administrative time required to manually manage transfers between accounts.
  • Optimize account balances by setting your preferences for account balances and transfer timing.
  • Streamline account monitoring.
  • Automate nightly transfers to sweeps accounts to earn income or reduce outstanding debt.

You can even access detailed reports of all ZBA transactions online using our accessOPTIMA® application. And, if you have accounts with us in other nations, we offer a Cross-border Zero Balance solution that delivers the same benefits on a global scale.

Work with one of our experienced Treasury Solutions Specialists to set up your ZBAs and customized transfer schedule. You can change parameters, add and remove subaccounts whenever you wish.



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