Remodel a Library in Your Home

Turn a spare room into a library with a home equity line of credit (HELOC)

Wondering what to do with your spare room? Consider remodeling it as a library. Libraries aren't just for luxury homes anymore. More families are adding a library as a space to relax with family or focus on work. Using a home equity line or loan to remodel your space can give you the financing you need to improve your home, which will boost its overall value. Check out these ideas on how to remodel a library.

Create the perfect office space from a spare room

Before remodeling your library, decide on a design scheme. Do you prefer furniture that is chic and modern or classic and luxurious? Next, order a new desk, ergonomic chair, client chairs (if you need them), couch and coffee table to match your theme. Then, add some personality and color by painting the walls cranberry red, sage green or charcoal gray. Bring the room to life by hanging your degrees, certificates, favorite artwork and family photos. Finally, line the walls with bookcases or shelving to store industry reading materials as well as your favorite literature.

Design an escape from the hustle and bustle when you remodel a library

Even if you love your e-reader, creating a library can give you a quiet place to relax and escape the world. While remodeling a library can be as simple as adding a few bookshelves, there are some more adventurous ideas that can help you create the perfect literary oasis.

  • Install a bay window with a window seat to create a reading nook and bring more light into the room. Consider the time of day you plan to be in the room and the direction your home faces to get the most use out of the design.
  • Create a cozy space with a fireplace or stove. A traditional fireplace will require more work as you will have to build a mantel and chimney, but the aesthetic effect can be worth it. Another option is to choose a wood stove, which also needs a chimney, but may be installed without the traditional masonic design. Looking for the heat and aesthetics without the hassle? Gas and pellet stoves, with their horizontal exhaust systems, provide the perfect alternative for homes without an existing chimney. Plus, they’re more fuel efficient than their wood-burning counterparts.
  • Install a home stereo system for some surround sound ambiance.
  • Brighten up the room with track lighting, recessed lights, and fun floor or reading lamps.
  • Update your HVAC system or install an air conditioning unit in the room for low humidity to keep your books in good condition.

Add the final touches to make your space your own

When you're finished remodeling your library, it's time to add a personal touch. Choose your furniture and matching throw pillows, blankets and rugs. You could even create a coffee and tea station with your favorite mugs, an electric kettle, teapot and French press. Try to center your design around one focal point, whether it's the bookshelves, the fireplace or the window. And don't forget a sliding ladder or step stool to reach the books on the top shelf!

Use a Citizens Bank home equity line of credit or loan to remodel your library

If you decide to go with a more intensive remodel, a home equity line of credit or loan from Citizens Bank could help you cover the costs. Whether you're remodeling the library as part of an addition or overhauling an existing space, a HELOC or loan to remodel will give you access to the right amount of funds at the right time. Draw up your designs and create a budget, then talk to your lender about the benefits of each borrowing option to determine what's right for you. Our Citizens Bank home loan advisors are available to help answer your questions about home equity lines and loans.


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