Using an Equity Line of Credit to Build an Outdoor Playground

Designing an outdoor playground for your backyard and budget

Consider building a playground to bring the fun of the park to your backyard. With a play destination right out the back door, your children will have quick access to an outlet for their energy and imaginations.

By spending a little time planning, you can create a playground that fits your outside space, your children's interests and your budget. If you don't have cash on hand or would prefer not to tap into savings, consider a home equity loan or line of credit. Using equity can be an affordable way to finance this project. If you decide to take advantage of a loan or home equity line of credit, create a budget ahead of time to ensure you apply for the right amount.

Choosing the right spot for building a playground

Knowing how much room you have to work with will help you choose outdoor playground equipment that fits comfortably and safely in your backyard. There should be at least 6 feet of clear space around the play set, so your children have enough room to run and swing. If possible, build it in a spot that provides some shade and allows you to easily see your children while they're playing.

Consider your kids' ages and interests

Select outdoor playground equipment that's appropriate for your children's current ages and will also grow with them. With some play sets, you can adjust, add or remove equipment to keep up with your kids. In addition to your children's ages, you should also take into account their unique interests. They'll be the ones using the outdoor playground, so get them involved in the project. Let them help pick out equipment they'll be excited to use.

Play it safe

Building with sturdy equipment and kid-friendly materials will help ensure your children safely enjoy the outdoor playground for years to come. The ground under the play set, as well as the area surrounding it, should have an unpaved surface that will help soften the occasional fall. Loose materials like wood chips and rubber mulch are great options for outdoor playground surfaces. Also keep in mind that if the ground is uneven, you'll need to level it. Building a playground on uneven ground can make the equipment unstable, which, in turn, can make it unsafe.

After building a playground, it's important to regularly inspect it to ensure it remains a safe place for your children to have fun. Common outdoor playground hazards include broken and sharp parts, loose bolts and chipped paint. You can teach your children to identify and report any safety issues they see during playtime.

Make a budget for your outdoor playground

When you're budgeting for an outdoor playground, include the costs of play equipment and building materials, as well as any tools or labor that may be required to get the job done. Then, decide which financing option - whether it's an equity line of credit, savings or another alternative - will work best for your family. To learn more about using equity and find out which options are available to you, speak with a Citizens Bank Home Loan Advisor. If you've already drawn up a budget and are ready to take the next step, start the home equity application process by answering a few questions online and a Home Loan Advisor will be in touch to help you apply.


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