Vintage Home Renovation Ideas

Restore your home with vintage remodeling ideas and a home renovation loan

If you bought an older house that needs some home renovations, you don’t have to sacrifice the character of the home for modern conveniences. Vintage home renovations can help you blend the classic looks you love with modern materials and appliances. When considering vintage updates, you can use a home renovation loan to cover expenses. Here are some home renovation ideas to help you get started.

Work with what you've got

A vintage home renovation is all about staying true to the character of your favorite decade, whether it's the 1920s, 1950s or 1970s. When you're trying to save money and maintain the character of your home, the best advice is to start with what you have.

  • Bathrooms: Some old homes have brightly colored bathrooms that might not be your style. Consider toning down the colors by replacing tiles but leaving the original tub, toilet and sink. If your fixtures are blue or pink, natural-toned tile with gray or brown hues will help you create a modern look without a total overhaul. Of course, if you love the bright colors, leave them and add a personal touch with artwork, light fixtures or decals! If you have a vintage claw-foot tub, install a showerhead above it or put in a new shower stall and set the tub as the centerpiece of the room.
  • Kitchens: Old kitchens often have beautiful countertops and tile backsplashes. If you're planning to update appliances, cabinets or flooring, work with your contractor to save what original designs you can, and create a new layout that will complement them. This is especially true if your countertops are terrazzo or marble, which are expensive materials if you were to buy them now. Plus materials like terrazzo and linoleum are eco-friendly, so if they are salvageable you might want to keep them!

Design with the home's character in mind

If you bought an older home but don’t love the design style of the previous owners, focus your home remodel on bringing out the original integrity of the home. For example, when you are planning a kitchen remodel, consider these decade specific design ideas:

  • If your home renovation is for a 1920s home, install new wooden cabinets with a glass front (you can even cut old glass for a more vintage look), shop for refurbished or redesigned vintage appliances, put in a butcher block countertop for practicality and style, and consider an embossed tin ceiling for that added touch of class.
  • If you have a home originally built in the 1950s, consider black and white checkered linoleum, terrazzo countertops with aluminum edging and some patent leather bar stools to create a malt shop design. Add in some vintage memorabilia, a few retro appliances, maybe even some metal cabinets, and you're all set to meet your date at the sock hop. Plus, many manufacturers sell appliances in vintage colors and styles, so you don't have to sacrifice function in your vintage home renovation.

Check out design sites and magazines for home renovation ideas

When you know what decade you want to go with, look for inspiration from home renovation websites, TV shows and magazines. Don't forget the little finishes like funky lamps, metal grates for heating and cooling vents and vintage doorknobs. Want to add a vintage touch to a brand new space? Shop antique stores, estate sales and sites like for salvaged items like old sinks, desks, vintage art and more.

Finance your vintage updates with a home renovation loan from Citizens Bank

Paying for a home renovation may seem like a daunting task. However, when you consider it an investment in the value of your home, using home equity as a home renovation loan is an easy decision. A home equity loan or line of credit borrows against the value of your home and is a great option for a home renovation loan as it's flexible and repayment goes right back into your mortgage. Get several quotes and create a budget for your project before you apply so you can obtain the right size home renovation loan for your needs. To learn more about paying for home renovations, speak to a home loan advisor at Citizens Bank.


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