Moving Checklist

Find useful tips for moving that can help you meet deadlines and ease transitions

There's a lot to think about when you're moving, especially if you're moving into your first house. You may have questions and deadlines you didn't even know you had to pay attention to. To stay on track and keep your head on your shoulders, follow this moving checklist and some helpful moving tips:

  • Notify the IRS, Post Office and your bank of your move so you will continue to receive important mail.

  • Pack legal, medical insurance and other important documents in a safe, accessible place. You don't want these things lost in the shuffle or at the back of the moving truck.

  • Stop utilities at your current residence, and set up services at your new place about a week before you move in so that everything is ready to use.

  • Pack rooms in boxes together. That way, all your kitchen utensils are in one place, not packed in a box with your DVD collection. Take it a step further and group those boxes together in the moving truck so you can more easily locate your belongings.

  • Update your driver's license and vehicle registration immediately after the move.

  • Inform friends and family of your move and recruit them to help you on moving day!

  • Consider having some overlap between your current residence and your new place. That way, if your move is delayed, you'll still have somewhere to stay.

  • Use the moving checklist as you pack to make sure you've taken care of everything.

Download the moving checklist

Let Citizens Bank help make your move simpler with our printable moving checklist. Print this checklist to mark off tasks as you go along. The checklist accounts for just about everything you have to do from a month before the move to the day you hit the road so that you don’t miss any deadlines.

If you need to open a new bank account due to your move, Citizens Bank can help. Check out our products and services to see what options are best for you. We can also help with switching your existing bank account to Citizens Bank with one of our two convenient switching services.


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