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Fast Balance® User Agreement

This Fast Balance® User Agreement (this “Agreement”) for Citizens Bank (a brand name of Citizens Bank, N.A.) contains the terms and conditions for use of the “Fast Balance” feature of the Citizens Bank Mobile Banking Application, Wearables Applications (including, but not limited to, the Apple Watch Application and the Android Wear Application) and “Fast Balance” widgets (together, “Fast Balance”). Before you can enroll in and have access to Fast Balance, you must first enroll in the Citizens Bank Online® Service and execute the Citizens Bank Online® Terms and Conditions (the “Online Banking Agreement”) and Electronic Notice Disclosure and Consent, both of which are hereby incorporated by reference and made part of this Agreement. Other agreements you may have entered into with the Bank (as such term is defined below) in connection with your Citizens Bank accounts and other services, which may include but are not limited to, the Personal Deposit Account Agreement (including Arbitration Agreement), Business Deposit Account Agreement, Funds Availability Disclosure, Consumer Privacy Notice, Online Privacy Policy, Fees and Features Guide, and Account Signature Card (collectively, the “Account Agreements”) are hereby incorporated by reference and made part of this Agreement. Terms not otherwise defined in this Agreement shall have the definitions ascribed to those terms in the Account Agreements and Online Banking Agreement. In the event of a conflict between this Agreement, the Online Banking Agreement, and/or the Account Agreements, this Agreement will govern.

In this Agreement, the words "you" and "your" refer to each account owner or anyone else including each person, or, if applicable, entity with authority to deposit, withdraw, or exercise control over a deposit account. The words “you” and “your” also include any user you authorize to use the Service on your behalf. The words “Bank,” "we," "us," and "our" refer to Citizens Bank.

Fast Balance will allow selected account balances to be viewable on an eligible device without entering user credentials, including Online User ID or Password. The only account information that will be visible will be the last four digits of the selected account, the account name or account nick name (if customized by user) and the current available balance in the selected account.

Because account balance information is available without entering user credentials, we suggest that you utilize a screen lock, password, passcode, or lock-screen pattern for your eligible device when Fast Balance is enabled to prevent any unwanted access to your account balances. By enrolling in and activating Fast Balance, you accept the risks associated with increased visibility of your account balances. We will not be responsible for any unauthorized exposure of your account balances incidental to the use of Fast Balance.

Fast Balance is limited to Checking, Savings and Money Market accounts. The current available balance as viewable in Fast Balance (the "Available Balance") will represent the dollar amount of money available in the selected account, which includes all cash and electronic transactions, such as direct deposit, that have been credited to your account as of the date displayed under your Available Balance. Any advances, pending items (such as pending debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals), outstanding authorizations and holds requested or placed on your account have been subtracted from the Available Balance. The Available Balance does not include any pending credits and does not reflect any items which have not posted to your account. For a more detailed view of your account and Available Balance, please log in to your account using your credentials through the Citizens Bank Online® Banking website or Mobile Banking Application.

The Available Balance will be time stamped with an "as of" that represents the date and time at which the Available Balance was obtained. Citizen Bank attempts to make the most up-to-date balance information available, but accepts no liability for damages resulting from outdated information. Citizens Bank recommends using a secure network on your device to ensure up-to-date balance information will be available and to prevent unauthorized access to your account balances. You understand and agree that your mobile device carrier may have costs associated with cellular data and WiFi usage, and that you are responsible for payment of these associated costs.

Fast Balance must be set up on each device that is set up for the Citizens Bank Online® Service. Only one Online Banking User can utilize Fast Balance on a given device at one time. In order for a different Online Banking User to use Fast Balance on a device, Fast Balance must first be deactivated by the current active user of Fast Balance.