Education Financing Plan

Step 1 of 5: Learn more about saving for education

Saving for an education requires a long-term plan. This calculator can help create a saving plan that works best for you.

What type of borrower are you?

Parent of a Student


Step 2 of 5: Learn more about saving for education

To build a plan for you, we’ll need some information about you.

How long have you been working on your degree?

Step 3 of 5: Education Expenses

Please enter your annual education expenses


Most universities break out educational costs (tuition) on a per semester basis. Make sure you are accounting for a full year of school when providing tuition expenses.

How much annually are tuition expenses?

Room & Board

Add the cost of housing and any meal plans or food allowances.

How much annually are room and board expenses?

Other Eligible Expenses

Include any school related expenses like books, school supplies, a computer, transportation costs, and other school related expenses.

How much annually are other eligible expenses ?

Step 4 of 5: Funding Available

Please enter any funding you currently have available:


Student Banking Savings Accounts

Include savings accounts held by both you and your parent(s). Remember, the more you’ve saved, the less you’ll have to pay back later.

How much do you have saved so far?

Scholarships & Grants

Search for Scholarships

School activities, community affiliations and school awards are all sources for scholarships, awards and grants.

How much do you have from scholarships and grants?

Step 5 of 5: Results

Here is your education expenses plan:

Total Expenses:
How much you need to finance:

Check out the links below for more detailed information concerning your education financing options:

Savings are great vehicles to grow your balances.
Learn more about Education Savings Accounts

Scholarships are free money for school. Learn more about our Scholarship Search tool.
Learn more about our Scholarship Search tool

Federal Loans
Federal loans are federally regulated and guaranteed loans.
Learn more about Federal Loans

Private Loans
Private Loans are issued directly by the bank and are a great option after grants, scholarships, and federal loans have been exhausted.
Learn more about Private Loans
Detail Breakdown
Room & Board:
Other Eligible Expenses:

Total Expenses:
Scholarships & Grants:
Federal Loans:
Private Loans:

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