Mortgage Articles

Find valuable mortgage information to help you navigate the mortgage process

If you're buying a home for the first time there is a lot of new information to take in. At Citizens Bank, our goal is to provide you with mortgage loan information to help you prepare to go through the application process. Whether you have questions about pre-approval and application documents, final paperwork requirements or are wondering what a home appraisal is, our mortgage information articles can help. For more home loan information for first time buyers or homeowners looking to refinance, check out the collection of helpful articles and resources below.

Mortgage Information for First Time Buyers

Buying your first home can feel overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. These mortgage articles help explain the entire process, making it feel a little less complicated.

Rent vs. Buy

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

Different Types of Homes

The Mortgage Process

First Time Home Buyer Checklist

Moving Checklist

Mortgage Application Checklist

Choosing a Mortgage Lender

Learn About Mortgage Fees

How to Obtain a Mortgage After Bankruptcy

Mortgage Loan Information

There are several different types of mortgage loans you can apply for and it's important to understand each of them fully before making a commitment.

Interest-Only Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage

15-Year Mortgage

30-Year Mortgage

Jumbo Mortgages

Mortgage Information When Building or Rehabilitating a Home

Whether you're debating building vs. buying a home, or you are designing a dream home for a vacant lot, these articles can help provide information for the home building process.

Building vs. Buying a Home

The Importance of Home Floor Plans

Home Construction Loans

What To Do With Vacant Property

Home Loan Repayment Information

Find mortgage articles with information to help you restructure your finances and make repaying your mortgage more manageable.

Mortgage Repayment Options

Do I need to Pay Mortgage Points?

Mortgage Payment Options

Mortgage Prepayment Options

Down Payment Assistance

Information on Co-signing a Mortgage

Military Mortgage Assistance

Mortgage Loan Protection

New Ways to Think About Your Mortgage Payment

What it Means When Your Mortgage is Sold

Mortgage Refinance Process


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