Discover smart new ways to spend and save with these budgeting tips

Do you remember when you were young and would get cash for your birthday? You wanted to spend it right away on the presents you hadn't received, but your parents probably made you put all, or at least some, of it in a savings account. And, even if you pouted all the way to the bank, eventually you were glad you had tucked it away for a bigger purchase like a car or new guitar. As an adult with a new job, it's easy to see the money in your checking account and want to rush out and buy all the things you've been holding out on as a college student. However, practicing responsible financial management now will help you reach your goals later in life. Check out these 10 smart uses for $100 for tips on how to save and spend wisely, including earning more by putting your money in a high-yield savings account like a certificate of deposit.

Budgeting Tips for $100: Ten Smart Ways to Spend & Save

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