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The right savings account can make it easier for you to get where you want to go. A good bank understands that. Take a look at the savings options below – it's easy to compare to see which is best for you.

Choose Your Account: Saving with peace of mind. With our competitive online only 14-Month CD, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll earn over a fixed term. This 48-Month CD allows for a slightly longer period of investment with the same fixed rate and peace of mind over a fixed term. Our Breakable CDs are easy to open, provide flexibility with one withdrawal without penalty during your term and have preferred rates for Circle Gold Banking customers.
Standard Account Features
Monthly Maintenance Fee


Terms Variety of terms from 1 to 120 months. Variety of terms from 1 to 120 months. Variety of terms from 3 to 60 months.
Interest Rates View Rates View Rates View Rates
Ability to Withdraw Early Early withdrawal penalties apply. Early withdrawal penalties apply. Includes a one-time, full or partial withdrawal without penalty of funds during the term of your account.
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Circle Gold Banking requires Circle Gold Checking and Circle Gold Savings

All Citizens Bank deposit accounts are FDIC insured.