Create a Savings Plan with GoalTrack Savings℠

Open a personal savings account and work toward your goals with online tracking and rewards

You know saving for the future is important and how easy it can be and to spend on impulse instead of putting money aside for bigger purchases. That's why it's important to have a savings plan, and make regular contributions to a personal or high-interest savings account. A well-rounded savings plan includes specified savings accounts focused on goals like IRAs, home-saving accounts and college saving accounts, high-interest savings accounts like money markets and certificates of deposit, and standard personal savings accounts. GoalTrack Savings from Citizens Bank helps you set goals and even gives you rewards you when you meet them. Learn more about how you can use GoalTrack Savings to create a structured savings plan.

Setting up GoalTrack Savings

To create a GoalTrack Savings plan a personal savings account from Citizens Bank with Online Banking. Once you're enrolled, choose the account you will use to meet your goal, and set the amount and the timeline you plan to complete it in. After you set this goal, choose a bonus based on how much you need to contribute monthly with automatic transfers.

Use GoalTrack Savings to track your progress and set reminders to make deposits or transfers towards your goal. Choose a bonus that will motivate you, from cash to a gift card for your favorite restaurant. Once you meet a goal, add others to keep saving and earning bonuses.

Adding the right accounts to your savings plan

GoalTrack Savings, can help plan for any future purchase, but if you're saving for a larger goal like a home or check out our HomeBuyer Savings® and CollegeSaver® accounts that reward you at the end of successful program. consider opening a high-interest savings account like a money market, which helps you earn more when you leave your funds untouched over time.

Structure your savings plan to make regular contributions

The main benefit of GoalTrack Savings is to help you get in the habit of making regular deposits through alerts and automatic transfers. You can also update your goals as you go and track your progress. No matter how many accounts you have in your savings plan, it's important to make steady contributions to stay on track towards your goals. Talk to a Citizens Bank representative to learn more about saving for goals and the personal savings accounts that can help you reach them.


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