Personal Money Market

Set aside funds in a money market account. This money market helps you earn interest while also giving you access to your funds.

Monthly maintenance fee:
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Variable interest rate:
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Performance Money Market

This money market helps you save by featuring a competitive promotional interest rate guaranteed during an introductory period.

Circle Gold Money Market®

This is our relationship money market account that’s only available as part of our Citizens Circle Gold Banking® package. It features a preferred relationship interest rate.

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Here’s what you need to get started:

  • US citizens and resident aliens 18 or older can apply
  • Social security number
  • Driver’s license or state ID number
  • Current contact information (e.g, address, phone number, email)

See a Banker for FDIC insurance limits.

Wireless carrier, text and/or data charges may apply.

1 Transaction limitations may apply. Unlimited in-branch or ATM 1ransactions. Reg D limits certain types of transactions to no more than 6 per statement cycle, of which only 3 may be via check. Limited transactions include: telephone transfers, online transfers, automatic interest transfers from the money market account, any pre-authorized or automatic debits, outgoing wire transfers. Deposits and incoming transfers are allowed at any time without incurring a fee: ACH, Direct Deposits, Online Banking and incoming savings transfers. If you exceed these limits 3 times or more during any consecutive 12- statement cycles, we will, as applicable, transfer the funds in your money market account to a checking account that does not pay interest. We may, however, transfer your funds sooner if you significantly exceed these transfer limits in any one statement cycle. Excessive Transaction fees may apply.