Do-It-Yourself Projects to Help Save Money

Get creative with DIY home projects for everyday expenses

Whether they’re trying to save money, be more eco-friendly or just enjoy crafting, more people are turning to do-it-yourself projects every day. Thousands of blogs offer tips and tricks for DIY home projects, and families are finding plenty of unique ways to save money on everything from cleaning supplies to cloth napkins. Explore this guide from Citizens Bank for DIY home project ideas and tips on how to make the most of your savings.

Choose a DIY home project and get started

If you’re looking for a new project, check out the following DIY ideas to save money on your everyday household expenses:

  • Make your own cleaning products: Items such as glass cleaner and laundry detergent can be hard on your wallet – and the environment. Many eco-conscious homeowners have started making their own household cleaners using safe, common ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and biodegradable dish soap. These DIY projects from blogger Jillee not only help keep your house and clothes clean, but can also help you save big by avoiding more expensive brand-name cleaners.

  • Install weather stripping: This do-it-yourself project may not be as exciting as others, but it can pay back big dividends. Use weather stripping to block air leaks in windows and doors, and you could potentially reduce your energy bills by 10 to 15 percent. There are different types of weather stripping for different jobs, so be sure to research and consult a professional before installation. The associates at your local hardware store should be able to help you find what you need.

  • Perform routine maintenance on your appliances: If you want to save money and keep appliances running well, it's important to make sure they are routinely maintained. Simple DIY home projects like cleaning your refrigerator's condenser coils twice a year or changing the filters on your furnace and air conditioning unit monthly can help your appliances run more efficiently. It's easy to perform these simple tasks, and they can save you money by reducing the frequency of larger repairs or complicated professional maintenance.

  • Make and use cloth napkins: Paper products are convenient, but why buy something just so you can throw it away? Making your own cloth napkins is a great DIY home project – even for those just learning to sew – and it lets you add some personal flair to your home décor. Head to your local craft or sewing store and look for fun, patterned fabrics that are absorbent, durable and fold neatly. When you get home, measure and cut the fabric into large squares or shapes of equal size. Then, fold over the edges of each piece of fabric about two centimeters to half an inch, and sew them in place for a neat seam.

Help your DIY savings grow with an account at Citizens Bank

When you take on a DIY home project, the rewards can include a sense of accomplishment, a cleaner environment and more money in your pocket. If you decide to save money with DIY projects, you can open a savings account online to put your money to work. If you’re not sure which account is best suited for your savings goals, reach out to a Citizens Bank customer service representative.


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