Tips for Saving Money in the Summer

Employ these money saving tips to take a vacation or do other fun things this summer

After that winter hibernation, you're probably anxious to get outdoors and dive back into those summer hobbies like boating, golfing, taking vacations, playing sports and more. Of course, most of these require you to spend a little more money than usual, and when your bills are high, that can cut into your disposable income. To make sure you get the most out of your summer without straining your finances, try these tips for saving money.

Save money on utilities

Certain home utilities are higher in the summer, which can cut into your spending money. Follow this advice for saving money when it comes to running your home:

  • Limit the use of air conditioning. On mild days and at night, open the windows rather than immediately running your air conditioning. The constant effort required to cool your house can add significantly to your electric bill. When you can shut it off and keep the home comfortable with natural breezes, that's money back in your pocket.
  • Dry laundry outside. The warm weather is a chance to give your electric or gas clothes dryer a break. Line drying is free and also an eco-friendly way to freshen your clothes up.
  • Switch off lights in rooms not in use. With the longer daylight hours, your electric bill may already be a little lower. Maximize these savings by switching off lights as you leave rooms. It's a small effort that can contribute to big savings.

Eat more meals at home

With the nicer weather, you may be excited to dine on the patios of local restaurants. To keep this from costing you a lot of money, try to limit these treats to weekends. By cooking or grilling at home, you can save a lot of money. To encourage yourself to stick to this plan, take the savings and put them directly into the savings account you're using to save for vacation or a fun summer activity like a day at the water park.

Carpool or ride mass transit

It's no secret that gas prices rise in the summer, so beat the heat at the pump by carpooling to work or taking mass transit. By sharing the costs of gas with one or more co-workers, you can cut your gas bill significantly.

If carpooling won't work out, look into park-and-ride packages from your local transit authority. By driving to a local bus stop or train station and riding that the rest of the way into work or school, you'll not only save gas but also wear and tear on your car.

Other transportation money saving tips include working from home or using credit cards that reward you with discounts on gasoline.

Look for coupons and discounts on home improvements

With nicer weather outside, you may be ready to get out and repaint or reside the house, install a new roof, overhaul the landscaping, replace the driveway or tackle another home improvement project. These can certainly end up costing a lot of money, especially if you take on more than one big project at a time.

The best tip for saving money on these projects is to do some upfront price comparisons. If you're using a contractor, get quotes from several companies before agreeing to the work. If you're doing the work yourself, look for coupons and sales online and in your local newspaper. By putting in a little time at the beginning, you can find cheaper ways to spruce up your home.

Open a savings account with Citizens Bank

Whether you want to save for vacation or other great summer activities and pastimes, you can do it by paying attention to your finances. Using a few of these money saving tips can put you closer to your savings goal. For example, when your electric bill or gas bill declines from the previous month, put the difference straight into savings. Before you know it, it will add up.

If you're ready to apply for a savings account, you can get started online or talk to a Citizens Bank customer care representative at 1-877-360-2472.


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