Military Loan Deferment

Here's how you'll know if you qualify for an Army or military loan deferment

With military mobilization in both the active duty forces and the reserves becoming routine, many students have had difficulty repaying their federal student loans. The good news: nearly all of them have been eligible for military loan deferments, which allowed them to postpone their payments for a specified period of time.

Two main types of military student loan deferments:

Active military service loan deferment

Active duty deferments are available for borrowers who are called to military service during a war or other military operation or national emergency. Such borrowers may also qualify for a deferment of up to 180 days following their demobilization.

Post-active duty military loan deferment

Post-active duty deferments are available for those who have just completed their active duty with the National Guard or other military reserves, though they must have been enrolled at least half-time prior to active duty. Those who meet this test are eligible for a military student loan deferment during a 13-month period following the end of their active service, or until they return to at least half-time enrollment, whichever is earlier.

Remember, even when you're called to serve your country in the armed forces, it nevertheless remains your responsibility to contact either your school or whomever is servicing your loan to formally request a student loan deferment. You could be charged late fees or default on your loan for failing to do so.

Learn more about Citizens Bank's Citizens Bank Student Loan™ with the option for military deferment

Our Citizens Bank private student loan allows students to defer their loan payments for several reasons, including military active duty. Learn more about Citizens Bank's Citizens Bank Student Loan™. If you still have questions, call a student loan specialist at 1-800-708-6684, and we'll help walk you through the process.

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