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Learn how to pay for grad school

Whether you’re looking ahead to medical, dental, or law school, or want to get an MBA or other advanced degree, we’re here to help. Our Citizens Bank Student Loans™ for grad school offer competitive rates and flexible repayment terms—and can bridge the gap between any federal aid received and the total amount you need to borrow. Learn more about paying for grad school below.

Filing the FAFSA

When it comes to getting federal student aid, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the first step. While you may remember filing the FAFSA as an undergraduate, you’ll find it works a bit differently as a graduate student. Now that you’re independent, there’s no need to enter your parents’ information. And once you learn your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and loan eligibility amount, you can begin planning.

Remember to look for free money

Remember, there are a number of scholarships and grants available for graduate students. Scholarships and grants are a type of financial aid that don’t need to be paid back—so when you’re figuring out how to pay for college, they can be a good place to start. This scholarship search tool can help.

Know your aid options when financing grad school

Just as when you were an undergraduate, federal student loans can play an important role in financing grad school, and include the unsubsidized Stafford and Graduate PLUS loans. If you qualified for a needs-based Pell grant as an undergraduate, you may be disappointed to learn that these funds are not available for graduate students. However, we offer private graduate student loans to help fund your education.

Save on your student loan payments after you graduate

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If you’re no longer in school, you could lower your monthly student loan payments by refinancing with us. Our NEW Education Refinance Loan lets you refinance or consolidate all of your student loans, both federal and private.

Potential benefits

  • A low, competitive rate
  • A reduced monthly payment
  • Simplifying your student loans into a single payment

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