Jobs For Teenagers

Is your teen thinking about a first job? Use this guide from Citizens Bank to review the benefits of jobs for teenagers

For teens, finding a first job is a significant milestone of growing up. Having a job can be pivotal for teenagers as they learn to navigate the world outside of home and school, often for the first time. When you and your teen are discussing the pros and cons of having a job in high school, you can use this guide from Citizens Bank for a few talking points about some of the payoffs of jobs for high school students.

Benefits of jobs for teenagers

Explore some of the following potential benefits of having a job as a high school student with your child:

  • Improved time management –Balancing school, work and home obligations can be great practice for high school students. Before landing their first jobs, many teens may only have school and home responsibilities. Working adds another element of accountability, requiring teens to productively manage their time in order to succeed academically and at work. You might want to discuss how developing these time management skills early can help make the transition to college, and eventually a full-time job, easier.

  • Increased spending money– From trendy clothes to transportation to social events, teenage day-to-day expenses can add up quickly. Many parents encourage teenagers to find a job so they may use their own money for personal expenses. This helps teach responsible spending and saving. If your working teen is at least 18, you might also encourage him or her to open a simple checking account to make managing daily spending even easier.

  • Development of job-hunting and career-oriented skills – Depending on the economy and the availability of part-time or seasonal positions, landing a first job as a high school student will likely take persistence and creativity. Learning how to search for job openings, create a résumé, write a cover letter and interview will also be helpful when your child enters the working world full time. In addition to developing job-hunting skills, many jobs offer teens the opportunity to collaborate with coworkers, practice professional behavior and communicate effectively – all of which will prove valuable as your child begins a career.

  • Career exploration opportunities – Some teens may not realize how a first job can translate into a valuable opportunity to learn about potential careers. Is your teen interested in being a teacher? Perhaps recommend looking into tutoring jobs at elementary schools or counselor jobs at summer camps. Does your child aspire to own a business? Working as an administrative assistant could help him or her get a feel for an office environment. Though most jobs for high school students will be temporary, they can provide insight into different career pathways, allowing teens to “test drive” potential long-term job possibilities.

Learning to manage and save money is an important aspect of a first job

An important aspect of entering the working world is taking responsibility for both day-to-day expenses and long term financial goals. Opening a checking account and savings account can help keep track of daily spending while also saving for college or other big expenses. Keep in mind that if your child is under 18, a joint checking account with a parent will likely be required. If you’re interested in opening a joint checking account with your teen, or if you’d like to learn about our other banking options, contact Citizens Bank today.

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