College-Related Mail

Sorting through college acceptance letters, admission deadlines & other college mail

High school students and their parents can be forgiven for feeling as if they're being drowned in mail as the college search season heats up. Colleges and universities purchase contact information and test scores from the sponsors of the SAT test and other sources, and subsequently inundate promising high school juniors and seniors with promotional literature.

The problem only intensifies once students have been accepted to a college or colleges. The penalties for missing important information only increase. So amid this blizzard of mail, how do you decide what's most important to pay attention to? Here are a few crucial things to remember:

Admission deadline

Pay attention to various admission deadlines for the schools of your choice. Most schools have different application deadlines for early acceptance, regular admission and late admission. What will you apply for? When you're applying to several schools, the deadlines only multiply, so pay attention to all of them. Admissions deadlines are crucial, because when they're missed, even top students can be placed in the back of the applications line, and their applications can be put on a waiting list.

College acceptance letters

When you receive your acceptance letter, you'll need to pay attention to various other dates. These might include deadlines for applying for housing and paying important deposits, such as:

  • Tuition Deposits: once a student decides what school they want to attend, they must reserve their spot in the class (by late spring for fall semester and late fall for spring semester). Although you don't have to pay your entire tuition upfront, it helps to have an idea of the student loans you will need at this time.
  • State Grant Deadlines: Be careful to submit the FAFSA prior to your state's deadline for state grants, otherwise, you won't be considered for this type of financial aid. Keep in mind that many states have earlier deadlines than the FAFSA's June 30th submission deadline.

Registration for classes

Once you've been accepted to a school and have decided to attend, you'll need to focus on all deadlines pertaining to registration for classes. Will you need to first speak to an advisor at new-student orientation before registering? Should you take general courses or classes in your intended major? And when will your tuition bill have to be paid before your course registration is cancelled? You'll need to pay close attention to all those dates and details.

Learn more about important deadlines, processes and financing details

Review our other helpful student financial aid resources to make sure you're prepared for the start of college. If you want to learn more about our Citizens Bank Student Loan™ or have questions about financing your college education, call a student loan specialist at 1-800-708-6684, and we'll help walk you through the process.

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